With the arrival of fall, many of us are gearing up for a seasonal wardrobe update. But for the 7.5 million adults living with psoriasis in the United States, cool-weather flare-ups and flakes can make what should be a fun shopping spree another source of stress.

Red, itchy skin and visible plaques aren’t just uncomfortable—they could also hurt your mental health, sinking your mood and self-esteem, and even making it difficult to show up for work. But a carefully chosen hairstyle and outfit could help take attention away from points of insecurity and work wonders for your self-confidence.

How to Dress Your Best for Work When You Have Psoriasis

Despite the fact that flakes have nothing to do with personal hygiene or cleanliness, they can feel embarrassing and distracting, regardless of whether your colleagues notice them. Here, people living with psoriasis as well as a personal stylist share half a dozen ways you can dress well for work, no matter your skin status.