7 Surprising Things I Learned About Therapy

By Jessica Hicks
February 04, 2022

When I began cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) last year, I wasn’t a stranger to the process. After growing up surrounded by divorce, addiction, and complicated family dynamics (to say the least), I was shuttled to and from a therapist’s office on more than one occasion. I wouldn’t say the experiences were unhelpful, but choosing to restart therapy on my own terms has made the process that much more meaningful—and effective.

I decided to take the plunge in early 2021, at a point when pandemic fatigue and job stress were weighing on me heavily. I simply didn’t feel like me—and those I was closest to had started to notice. The decision to restart therapy so many years later wasn’t an easy one. Committing to it meant putting my needs first and dedicating an hour of my week solely to myself—something that didn't come naturally to me.

After deliberating, checking my budget and health insurance (and checking them again), and researching therapy practices that were taking new patients, I landed on a promising option. It felt like the therapy stars had aligned (if that’s a thing), and I went into the process headfirst, heart open and fingers crossed.

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