When it comes to the singles scene, it’s a jungle out there. Add to that having a chronic condition that’s widely misunderstood—like psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis—and looking for love can be about as enjoyable as being stung by a scorpion. Not to mention, the sting of rejection so many people with psoriasis deal with in the dating world. That may hurt even worse.

Gina, who has psoriatic arthritis, always tells matches on dating apps about her chronic illness; and they act like they care, at first, she says. But when they see her in person and realize how bad it as, “They tell me that they don’t want to have a relationship. They really just ghost me, honestly.”

Psoriasis not only causes red, raised, scaly patches on the skin; it can also cause severe anxiety and apprehension about dating. That’s not only because of the vulnerability making a good first impression appearance-wise evokes, but also because some people with psoriatic arthritis worry that divulging how serious the disease is could scare away potential suitors before the appetizer arrives —they may feel that psoriasis requires a lot of extra care they’d have to provide or think that you can’t have fun because of your physical limitations.