As joyful as this time of year can be, it also comes with its share of stress. Between shopping, cooking, and entertaining, we often find ourselves doing more things for other people and generally having less time to take care of ourselves, which can leave us feeling physically exhausted and mentally depleted by New Year's Day.

3 Self-Care Tips for the Holidays

To stave off seasonal weariness, follow these three simple holiday stress tips to give more self-compassion to yourself and, ultimately, to others as well. Whether you strive to put them into practice every day or only when you find yourself in need of a recharge, they can help bring you peace, inner calm, and relaxation.

1. Let Go of Expectations

Adopting a take-it-as-it-comes attitude can be harder than it sounds. But one way to start letting go of holiday expectations is to focus on mindfulness, which is one of the core elements of self-compassion.