How to Choose Sunscreen When You Have Psoriasis

By Jené Luciani
June 09, 2022

When it comes to sunshine, the reviews are mixed. Some people with psoriasis swear the key to managing flare-ups is staying out of the sun, while others say sun exposure is actually the antidote to calming their skin.

“Moderate exposure to natural sunlight can improve psoriasis because some of the sun’s rays help stop the rapid increase of skin growth and shedding of the skin, as well as allow your body to produce good amounts of vitamin D which helps to reduce inflammation,” explains Adebola Dele-Michael, M.D., a board-certified New York City-based dermatologist. “So, the key is receiving a beneficial amount of sun exposure while protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.”

Whether you typically revel in the rays or try to stay in the shade, sun exposure is indeed unavoidable, and everyone—psoriasis or not—should protect their skin to avoid sun damage, sunburn, and increased skin cancer risk. We spoke to dermatologists to get the full story on what to look for on the back of that sunscreen bottle when you have psoriasis.

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